Chapter 1: General Provisions

Article 1 Purpose

These terms and conditions are for the online services (hereinafter referred as "Services") on the AIR BUSAN website ( operated by AIR BUSAN CO., LTD. (hereinafter referred as "AIR BUSAN") where AIR BUSAN and users' rights, obligations and responsibilities are defined.

Article 2 Definition of Terms

  • ① The AIR BUSAN website is a virtual place of business, through which AIR BUSAN provides information and services to users via computers and communication networks.
  • ② A 'User' includes both 'Member' and 'Non-member' who access the AIR BUSAN website and use the services in accordance with these Terms and Conditions.
  • ③ A 'member' is a user who has provided personal information to the AIR BUSAN website and has registered as a member, and can regularly use AIR BUSAN services.
  • ④ Non-member' are users who can access AIR BUSAN services and information without signing up as 'Member'.

Article 3 Publication and Revision of the Terms and Conditions

  • ① AIR BUSAN posts the terms and conditions, and contact information (email address, telephone number, fax number, etc.) on the initial service screen (front page), so that users understand the details of the agreement.
  • ② AIR BUSAN can amend these terms as long as none of the following are violated: the Law on Regulations of Terms, the Electronic Commerce Act, the Digital Signature Act, the Acts on Promotion of Communications Network Utilization & Information Protection, the Consumer Basic Law, and the Consumer Protection Act for Electronic Commerce, etc.
  • ③ In case of amendment of the terms and conditions, the reasons for revision and the date of application shall be specified and notified at least seven days before the application to the day before the effective date on the initial screen together with the current terms.
  • ④ The amendment clause is also applied to users who have been members before the amendment, provided that the amendment does not contravene the relevant laws and regulations. However, for users who notify AIR BUSAN of their refusal of the amendment within the disclosure period of the revised terms, the terms and conditions before the amendment shall be applied.
  • ⑤ Matters that are not specified in these terms and condtions and the interpretation of these Terms and Conditions shall be governed by the Consumer Protection Act in Electronic Commerce, the Regulation on the Regulations of the Terms, and the Consumer Protection Directive set by the Fair Trade Commission.

Chapter 2 Service Usage

Article 4 Provision of Services

The services provided by AIR BUSAN website are as follows.

  1. Information and services related to booking and purchasing tickets
  2. Provide travel related information such as airtel, hotel, car rental, and other relevant services.
  3. Other duties of AIR BUSAN

Article 5 Suspension of Service

  • ① AIR BUSAN may temporarily suspend website services in the event of inspection, maintenance, replacement, breakdown, or communication interruption of information and communication facilities such as computers.
  • ② In the event of a service interruption pursuant to Paragraph 1, AIR BUSAN must notify the user by the method specified in Article 8.
  • ③ AIR BUSAN does not compensate users or third parties for damages caused by the temporary suspension of services for the reasons stated in Paragraph 1. However, this shall not apply if there is a deliberate or serious error made by AIR BUSAN.
  • ④ AIR BUSAN reserves the right to suspend the use of services without prior notice, if the user is suspected to be engaged in any of the following acts.
    1. Acts contrary to public order or morals
    2. Any behaviour, that presumed to be related to a crime
    3. Plan for service implementation for the purpose of hindering public interest
    4. Acts that interrupt the provision of services or hinder the use of such services
  • ⑤ In case of service interruption pursuant to Paragraph 4, AIR BUSAN is not required to compensate users or third parties for any damages.

Article 6 Signing up

  • ① The user submits the member information according to the prescribed subscription form, and subscribes to the membership by indicating his / her intention according to these terms.
  • ② AIR BUSAN register as a member who do not fall under any of the following categories.
    1. In case the applicants lost their membership under Article 7 (4) of this Agreement; however, members who have lost their membership status 3 years previously or earlier and have since obtained approval to rejoin AIR BUSAN are exempted.
    2. If the registration information contains false, omitted or missplaced entries
    3. In case, registration as member is technically difficult
  • ③ Membership registration is completed when members receive approval from AIR BUSAN.
  • ④ If there is a change in the registration details listed in Article 13 Paragraph 1, the member must notify AIR BUSAN immediately by e-mail or other means.

Article 7 Membership Withdrawal and Loss of Qualifications

  • ① Members may withdraw from membership at any time, and AIR BUSAN will immediately process their withdrawal of membership.
  • ② AIR BUSAN may restrict or suspend the use of services in any of the following circumstances
    1. If a member dies
    2. In case of false entry of information when registering or double-registering with two or more IDs
    3. In the case of failure to pay debts, owed by ticket purchasers on the AIR BUSAN website, and any liabilities, incurred by the member regarding site usage
    4. In the event of a threat or attack on electronic transaction orders, such as interfering with the use of the AIR BUSAN website by users or stealing personal information
    5. In the case of an act prohibited by this agreement or is contratry to laws, public order, etc. while using the AIR BUSAN website
    6. If a member has not logged in to the AIR BUSAN website for a year since registration
  • ③ If AIR BUSAN temporarily suspends its website services, it shall notify the user in advance by e-mail, telephone, or written explanation of the reason and suspension period and time. However, in an emergency situation, clients may be given such notice at a later time.
  • ④ Users may lose membership at AIR BUSAN in case of usage of service even after restrictions and sanctions or one for which the cause is not corrected within 30days.
  • ⑤ If AIR BUSAN cancel the users' membership qualification, the information will be deleted and the member will be notified before termination.
  • ⑥ AIR BUSAN is not responsible for any damages resulting from the restriction or suspension of services or loss of membership.

Article 8 Notifications about Members

  • ① AIR BUSAN can send notifications to members via submitted e-mail address.
  • ② Instead of sending notifications to multiple members, AIR BUSAN may post a notification for more than a week. However, separate notices will be sent out for important individual transactions.
  • ③ If notification is sent for reasons stated in Paragraph 2, the advance notice period may be reduced or omitted due to unavoidable circumstances.

Article 9 Application for Purchase

  • Passenger can apply for the purchase of air tickets, etc. through the following method, set by AIR BUSAN.
    1. Enter name, gender, contact number, etc
    2. Indication of Agreement to Personal Information Collection and Policy, Laws, Terms and Conditions (ex. mouse click)
    3. Select Payment Method

Article 10 Establishment of Purchase Contract

  • ① In any of the following circumstances, AIR BUSAN may not accept the application for purchase by the method set out in Article 9.
    1. In case of containing false, omitted or missplaced entries
    2. If the acceptance of the application for purchase is judged to be a serious impediment to business or technology
  • ② The contract is assumed to be concluded when AIR BUSAN's consent is sent to the user in the form of an acknowledgment notification as per Paragraph 1 of Article 12.

Article 11 Payment Methods

Payment methods for goods and services purchased at the AIR BUSAN website include the following.

  • ① Online Bank Transfer
  • ② Payment with credit card
  • ③ Other: AIR BUSAN's payment methods

Article 12 Notification of Receipt · Change and Cancellation of Purchase Application

  • ① If a user sends a purchase application, AIR BUSAN will send back a receipt acknowledgment.
  • ② Users who receive the acknowledgment notice but notice discrepancies may request to change or cancel the purchase application immediately upon receipt of the notice. AIR BUSAN shall process the request accordingly.

Chapter 3: Responsibilities and Obligations

Article 13 Personal Information Protection

For more information about personal information protection, please refer to the Privacy Policy on the AIR BUSAN website (

Article 14 Duties of AIR BUSAN

  • ① AIR BUSAN does not act contrary to the law, these terms and conditions or public order. AIR BUSAN does its best to provide continuous and stable service as stipulated in these Terms and Conditions.
  • ② AIR BUSAN has a security system in place to protect the personal information (including credit information) of its users, so that clients can use the AIR BUSAN service safely.
  • ③ AIR BUSAN is responsible to compensate any damages incurred by unlawful presentation and advertisement, according to Article 3 of the Act on the Fair Labeling and Advertising in relation to goods and services.
  • ④ AIR BUSAN does not send any e-mails for commercial purposes if the users do not wish.

Article 15 Obligations Regarding ID and Password

  • ① Except as specified in Article 13, members are responsible for the management of their ID and password.
  • ② 회원은 제3자에게 자신의 I.D. 및 비밀번호를 이용하게 해서는 안됩니다.
  • ③ If the member's ID and password are stolen or used by third parties, the member must notify AIR BUSAN immediately and comply with its guidance.

Article 16 User Obligations

User must comply with these Terms and Conditions and do not do the acts below.

  1. Entering false statements during application or changing of information
  2. Change of information posted on the AIR BUSAN website
  3. Unauthorized transmission or posting of information or computer programs that AIR BUSAN does not allow
  4. Infringement of intellectual property rights such as copyrights of AIR BUSAN and other third parties
  5. Acts that damage the reputation and/or violate privacy or interfere with business of AIR BUSAN or any other third party.
  6. Transmission, disclosure or posting of information contrary to social order, including obscene or violent messages, images, sounds etc.

Article 17 Relationship between AIR BUSAN Website and Linked Sites

If the AIR BUSAN website and connected sites are hyperlinked (hyperlinks, text, pictures, and moving images), AIR BUSAN does not provide warranty to the independent goods and services provided by the connected sites.

Article18 Copyright Act and Access Restrictions

  • ① The copyright and other intellectual property rights of the works created by AIR BUSAN belong to AIR BUSAN.
  • ② Users shall not provide any information they obtain from using the AIR BUSAN website to third parties, or use it to gain profit by copying, transmitting, publishing, distributing, or broadcasting without the prior consent of AIR BUSAN.

Article 19 Conflict Solution

  • ① AIR BUSAN operates a damage compensation system to reflect the opinions and complaints posed by users, which provides compensation for damages.
  • ② AIR BUSAN handles user complaints and opinions promptly and appropriately. However, if a prompt resolution is not possible, we will inform the user of the reason and possible measures without delay.
  • ③ Disputes between AIR BUSAN and the user concerning the electronic transaction may be subject to arbitration by the Electronic Transaction Dispute Arbitration Committee under the Framework Act on Electronic Documents and Transactions and its Enforcement Decree.

Article 20 Competent Court and Governing Law

  • ① AIR BUSAN informs the Seoul Central District Court of all disputes occurring during electronic transactions between AIR BUSAN and users.
  • ② All lawsuits regarding electronic transactions between users and AIR BUSAN are to be carried out according to the laws of the Republic of Korea.

Supplementary Provisions

Article 1 Effect of the Terms

This Agreement is effective from October 1, 2008, and is also applicable to members who joined before the amendment.

Article 2 Amendment of Terms

AIR BUSAN complies with all relevant laws and regulations of the Republic of Korea, such as the Electronic Commerce Act, Digital Signature Act, Information and Communications Network Promotion and Information Protection Act, Consumer Basic Law and the Consumer Protection Act. AIR BUSAN's Terms of Service may be changed due to the revision of relevant laws and regulations in Korea and changes in government guidelines. When revising the Membership Agreement, we will disclose the date of revision, the reason for revision and the contents of the revision at our website.

Article 16

If members change their personal information, they shall request modifications to AIR BUSAN. When unable to reach due to missing address, inaccurate personal information or loss of mail, AIR BUSAN will not take any responsiblity for any loss or damage.

Article 17

The content of any recently published membership guides or website published content takes precedence over all previous regulations and conditions.