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      예시) 2인 이상 조회 : 홍길동,홍길순,···
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      예시) 1인 조회 : HONG/GILDONG
      예시) 2인 이상 조회 : HONG/GILDONG,HONG/GILSUN,···
  • You can purchase additional services on the [My booking] page.
  • Additional services are not automatically refunded if you change or cancel your itinerary purchased on other channel (ex. codeshare flights, travel agency sites, etc.) other than AIR BUSAN's Internet or mobile website. Please change/cancel additional services purchased from other channels through the AIR BUSAN website or reservation center.
  • For codeshare Asiana Airlines flights, service is not available if you change your itinerary(including route changes and simple discount rate changes) after the initial ticketing.
  • For travel agency, may not be available depending on the purchase channel.
  • If you applied for a service that requires a personal fare discount or identification (child traveling alone, pets accompanying, together services, wheelchair applications, etc.), internet boarding pass service is not available.
  • Codeshare of Asiana Airlines customers should check the AIR BUSAN reservation number on the Asiana Airlines homepage.